When a dispute arises in a business environment, it is sometimes necessary for a third party to get involved to help settle the dispute. Business disputes occur between business partners, suppliers, and other parties who engage with business entities. When disputes arise, there can be significant potential consequences for a business. If not handled promptly, disputes may result in financial losses and lawsuits. The best course of action when facing a dispute is to seek an experienced business attorney who can help to resolve the conflict.
Our Business is Defending Yours
The Isbel Law Firm is experienced in multiple areas of business law and frequently assists in the establishment of business entities, the negotiation, and review of business contracts, as well as the defense of clients facing a complex business dispute. We handle all aspects of business disputes and can provide legal counsel on a wide variety of issues, including:
• Partnership Disputes
• Shareholder Disputes
• Breach of Contract Disputes
• Payment Disputes
• Employment Disputes
• Business to Business Disputes
• Other General Business Disputes
Partnership Disputes
Disputes between business partners are extremely common. It normally occurs when two partners have different visions on how to operate or move forward with a company. While many partnership conflicts are resolved on their own, some disputes require more aggressive, legal intervention. Partnership disagreements often involve aspects of the business such as finances, long-term liabilities, and human resources.
Employment Disputes
When employment disputes arise within a business, they can have many origins. It may be a situation of discrimination, disapproved maternity leave, or claim of unfair termination. Employment disputes sometimes involve labor and government agencies, making them more complex to handle. A solid employee agreement and employment litigation attorney is a strong defense against employment disputes.
Business to Business Disputes
When businesses work with other businesses, such as manufacturers and suppliers, there can be disputes that arise on issues of payment, performance, and other matters. Disputes are common in business to business transactions where there is no written contract or agreement specifying the terms and actions to be performed. Alternatively, some businesses may have contracts in place but one of the parties fails to perform an agreed-upon action. In this scenario, the other party may sue for breach of contract.

Other General Business Disputes
Disputes can arise from virtually any part of the daily operations of a business. Our law firm is knowledgeable of the intricacies of Florida law and can help your business to resolve an internal conflict or dispute. Our helpful team of attorneys can review the conflict you are currently facing and provide an appropriate legal solution. The best way to know the next step in handling your business dispute is to contact our office for a free evaluation.
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