A General Practice Law Firm Dedicated to You
The Isbel Law Firm is a general practice law firm, which means our attorneys offer legal services that cover a broad range of areas. General practice attorneys can help you work through simple legal challenges or provide counsel in situations that encompass multiple areas of law. We can represent you in court, assist with documentation draft and review, negotiations, and provide dependable legal advice to many general issues.

Do I Need a General Practice Attorney?
General practice attorneys are knowledgeable in multiple areas of law. We help clients with everyday challenges that many people may attempt to fix themselves. With the help of a general practice attorney, you an avoid mistakes that people commonly make on their own and save time by simplifying the process.

The Isbel Law Firm can assist with the drafting and review of documents such as:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Employment contracts

Furthermore, our general practice attorneys can assist in cases involving:

  • Family law matters: such as divorce, spousal support, child custody, and timesharing
  • Small business matters: such as business contract drafting, entity formation, and business disputes
  • Estate planning: such as wills, trusts, and probate administration

When you are facing a legal dilemma and are not sure where to go for help, a general practice attorney in Winter Garden is a good place to start. By being familiar with multiple areas of law, we can help you in assessing all the key points of your legal challenge and provide an intelligent solution that addresses all sides of the problem.

Get in Touch With a General Practice Attorney in Winter Garden Today
The first step in resolving your legal dilemma is getting in touch with an experienced general practice attorney. We can assist you with a variety of different legal issues, from small business matters, to civil litigation, and more. Contact us today for more information about our general practice services at 407-877-7115. We can answer any questions you might have and look forward to working with you.